AIOU MBA Research Project MBA 3 ½ Years and MBA 2 ½ Years Programs

Guidelines for AIOU Research Project (8565) for MBA 3 ½ Years and MBA 2 ½ Years Programs

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A student are going to be needed to complete scientific research of 06 Credit Hours underneath  supervision of appointed supervisor as per AIOU rules, and undergo the ASC that may be evaluated on the rules given by HEC and AIOU.  The study centers will arrange research workshop for guiding the students regarding selection of the topic and preparation of research proposal.  The MBA topic of research project should be approved by supervisor/ committee. The synopses need to be approved from the Department of Business Administration as well. Student would proceed for research after the approval of synopsis.

Supervisors will be appointed by ASCs with the consultation and approval of the Department. The study center will provide supervisors to the students. The supervisor must be at least MS/M.Phil in relevant discipline. Details of the students allotted to the supervisors are required to be sent to the Business Administration Department along with supervisor’s CV. It has to be ensured that the supervisors are either from the middle management of an organization or should be a faculty member in any HEC recognized university. The supervisor should supervise the student by all means, but is not supposed to do work for the student. One supervisor may supervise maximum up to 10 students.

The project would be evaluated by the Department, The Dean will approve the name of the External Evaluator out of the Panel of three Experts recommended by the Chairman from the Panel of Experts approved by the Vice-Chancellor and forward the Project to the External Evaluator for his/her opinion.  Academic Guidelines regarding the preparation of Research Project are as follows for facilitation.  AIOU rules and regulations already operative in Master Programs and enforced from time to time will strictly be followed in MBA program as well.


  1. Title page
  2. Supervisor Signature page
  3. Attestation of Authorship
  4.  Declaration
  5.  Acknowledgement
  6. Dedication
  7.  Abstract
  8.  Table of Contents

Chapter 1                                      Introduction

1.1 Background of Study

1.2 Problem Identification

1.3 Problem Statement

1.4 Objectives of the Study

1.5 Significance of the Study 1.6 Contribution of the study

Chapter 2                                                         Literature review

Literature must be relevant to the variables of the study. Give proper headings of each variable and relationship with dependent variable. Write literature rationally, thematically, and in chronological order. The Hypotheses should be developed in the light of reviewed and cited literature. Research Model/Theoretical framework/Conceptual Framework should be after literature. If your thesis data is based on time series data then give measures of variable and justify the application of model. Develop hypotheses and write after the model. Also provide description of your model. Distribute this chapter according to heading and sub-heading.

Chapter 3                                       Research Methodology

3.1 Population of the Study

3.2 Sampling Techniques

3.4 Sample Size

3.4 Research Tools / Questionnaire: The questionnaire must be reference/s based. Write about the questionnaire and it must measure the variables taken in your research study. If your research data is based on time series/panel data then give measures/proxies of variable and justify the application of model. Then make appropriate analysis.

3.5 Data Collection Procedure

Chapter 4                    Data Analysis and Interpretation (Tools and Techniques)

4.1 Data Analysis (Complete, May include descriptive statistics, frequency distribution, correlation, regression, Anova, use of E-views, Strata, MATLAB, NVIVO, AMOS, etc). Every table, graph, figure, etc should be numbered according to the chapters.

4.2 Discussion (The results should be discussed in the light of previous literature)

Chapter 5 Conclusion

5.1 Major Findings

5.2 Conclusion

5.3 Practical Implications / Recommendations


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