AIOU Thesis Topics for Col MBA

AIOU Thesis Topics for Commonwealth MBA/MPA of Allama Iqbal Open University of Pakistan. These topics have been published after approval of supervisor.

AIOU Thesis Topics for Col MBA 2016

  1. Analysis of Conflict Management Styles: A Cross Cultural Study of Mangers in Azad Kashmire
  2. Effect of Power on Intention to Commit a Crime of Obedience in Government Organization of Southern Punjab, Pakistan
  3. Brand Personality, Celebrity Endorsement and Its Impact on Purchase Intension in Cellular Industry
  4. Determinants and Outcomes of Knowledge Workers’ Commitment to the Organization
  5. Impact of Financial Leverage on Financial Performance of Firms: A Study on Cement Sector in Pakistan.
  6. Effect of Service Quality on Customer’s Behavioral Intention in Group Life Insuranc.
  7. Ethical Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Mediating Role of Psychological Capital.
  8. Impact of micro finance on profitability of small farmers of tehsil sadder Bahawalpur, Pakistan.
  9. Impact of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment on Turnover Intentions in Banking Sector of Pakistan.
  10. The Relationship between Investment and Internal Finance under Asymmetric Information: An Empirical Investigation into Pakistani Listed Non-financial Firms.
  11. The Influence of Transformation and Transnational Leadership Styles on Employees’ Task and Contextual Performance.
  12. Stock Market Integration & Volatility Spillover – Evidence From Pakistan & Its Major Trading Partners.
  13. Impact of Chronic Stress on Organizational Affective Commitment of Employees: A Case Study of Mobile Telecom Sector in Pakistan.
  14. Can we beat the market with beta? A case study of Pakistani stock market.
  15. Adoption Behavior of Mobile Banking Services: An Empirical Appraisal of Pakistani Consumer.
  16. Impact of Psychological Contract on Employee Performance: Mediated by Organizational Commitment.
  17. “Impact of Value-based Performance Measures vs. Accounting-based Performance Measures in determining firm’s Market Value: An Empirical Evidence from selected Pakistani Companies Listed at KSE”.
  18. Impact of Big Five Personality Traits on Organizational Commitment in University Academia of Pakistan.
  19. Corporate Governance, Firm Value and Financial Performance: An Empirical Study on Manufacturing Companies Listed on Karachi Stock Exchange.
  20. Impact of Psychological Contract on Knowledge Management Practices (Kmp’s) With Moderating Effect of Organizational Culture.
  21. Talent Management Practices in Banking Sector of Pakistan.
  22. Productivity Enhancement: A Case study of Production Management Systems in Denim Jeans Manufacturing Industry in Pakistan.
  23. Impact of Oil Shocks and Financial Development on Economic Growth: A Panel Study of Major Oil Market Participants.
  24. The Moderating Role of Organizational Justice on the Relationship between Employee Empowerment and Organizational Commitment: A Case Study of the Banking Sector in Pakistan.
  25. The Investment-cash flow sensitivity and financing constraints-Evidence from Pakistan.
  26. Impact of Financial and Macroeconomic Measures on Economic Development.
  27. Organizational Health and Performance of HEIs of Pakistan: An Academia Perspective.
  28. Determinants of Capital Structure: A Comparative Analysis of Financial Sector and Non-Financial Sector of Pakistan.
  29. HRD as a set of Generic Activities associated with Learning leading to a Learning Organization: a case of Mobilink, Pakistan.
  30. Influence of Social Media on Consumer behavior- Decision making process of Fashion Apparels in Lahore City.
  31. Impact of Glass Ceiling on Organizational Commitment: Evidence from Banking Sector of Pakistan.
  32. Effect of leadership style on climate for innovation with an intervening role of organizational culture; a study of healthcare sector of Pakistan.
  33. Working Capital Management and Corporate Performance In The Presence Of Financial Constraints.
  34. Mediating Effect of Job Satisfaction in Relationship between Employees’ Empowerment and Organizational Commitment.
  35. Exploring the level of Machiavellian style among bank managers and its impact on job Satisfaction of the employees.
  36. Impacts of Determinants of Corporate Governance on Earnings Management.
  37. Effect of Intellectual Capital on Organizational Performance: A Case of Insurance Sector of Pakistan.
  38. Impact of Leadership Styles & Innovative Behavior on Organizational Performance: An Empirical Investigation in Textile Sector of Pakistan.
  39. Intangible Rewards and Intrinsic Motivation: Mediating Role of Organization-Based Self Esteem
    Predictive Role of Personality Traits in Compulsive Buying Behaviour: Mediating Effect of Attitude towards Advertising.
  40. CEO and Executive Compensation, Ownership Concentration and its effect on Firm Performance.
  41. Mediating Role of Job Stress on the Relationship of Job Demand and Work-Life Balance.
  42. Factors leading to cloud computing adoption: A study of textile spinning units.
  43. Exploring the Moderating Effect of Leader Member Exchange (LMX) on Relationship between Organizational Justice Perceptions and Employees Affective Commitment.
  44. The Role of Gender Based Emotional Intelligence in Managing Stress.
  45. Organizational Spirituality, Employee Performance and Ethical Behavior
  46. Dynamic Portfolio Returns: Impact of Macroeconomic Variables.
  47. Empirical examination of technical analysis for short-term investments in equity market at Karachi Stock Exchange

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